Jumping Jack Flash

Jack is Bosham Walks resident cat, he is 15 year old and a great big fluffy American Rag Doll / Birman cross.

He used to live down the road with his owner David and sister Tiger Lily, however brother and sister did not get on, so while Tiger Lilly got to stay at home, Jack spent most of his time outside or visiting the neighbours. He soon become a firm favourite at Bosham Walk with the residents and visitors alike. When David died at Christmas time 2011 Tiger Lily went to live with David’s son and Jack became officially Bosham Walks cat. His routine consists of sleeping most of the day on the sales desk, keeping the Receptionists company and an eye on Bosham Walks customers, then in the evening off upstairs to spend time with his new Dad, Iain.

Thank you for coming to see him and enjoy your visit. If you would like to follow Jacks antics he can be found on the BOSHAM WALK Facebook page.