Jumping Jack Flash


‘Jack’ was a large ginger American Rag Doll/Birman cross and for many years was the resident cat at BOSHAM WALK.

He used to live with his owner David Ware down at street end, and while his sister ‘Tiger Lily’ spent her days at home, Jack spent his time strolling around the village hunting rabbits and mice and accepting attention from locals and tourists alike. Visitors driving into Bosham would often be forced to grind to a halt as Jack sat in the middle of the road refusing to move, oblivious to the chaos he was causing and despite being run over twice he lived to walk again. Barking dogs being taken for a walk would strain on their leads to scare Jack only to me met with one of his imperious stares and a sharpening of claws – after all Bosham was his village and he was the main character! On one occasion the only way the village Fire Engine could get past was for a Fireman to get out and gently remove Jack from the middle of the road!

On Christmas Eve 2011 David Ware suffered a sudden stroke and sadly died in January 2012. What was to be done with the cats? Tiger Lily went to live with David’s youngest son but it was obvious that Jack would be happiest if he remained in Bosham. Having already laid claim to BOSHAM WALK it was decided that his care would be shared, living upstairs with Iain at night and downstairs during the day. That way he could continue to perform his day job keeping all the Receptionists company, being available for cuddles and posing for photographs with visitors, Jack couldn’t have been happier.

In August 2016 Jack’s sister Tiger Lily died and by January Jack was not his usual self, he had developed kidney cancer and after a short illness passed away on the 25th of February 2017 aged 18 years. He brought joy to many and is much missed.